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xD gauge installation instructions.


I. Tools Needed

  • A. Flat screwdriver or fork
  • B. #2 Phillips screwdriver

II. Removing Speedometer Cluster

  • A. Pull on housing to remove, as it is only held in with clips
  • B. Using the Phillips, remove the two screws on the lower part of the speedometer assembly.
  • C. Disconnect the two connectors on either side of the speedometer and gently pull the speedometer housing from the upper rear to release the clips in the back. Pull speedometer assembly out of dash.

III. Changing Speedometer Face

  • A. Remove the silver outer piece from the speedometer bezel being careful not to drop the smoked glass piece that is held in by the silver piece
  • B. Remove the black piece. Using the flat screwdriver or fork, gently slide under the tach needle and remove. Then remove the speedometer needle.
  • C. Remove face and install new face. Install black piece next. Then install speedometer needle. Last install tack needle being careful to go under the black piece and get the height correct so that the needle sweeps as it is in a track in the black piece. You may want to install the speedometer assembly into the car and test it by turning the car on so that the xD does itís sweep. The tach usually goes to 7500rpm and rest at 0rpm with the xD off. Make sure to disconnect the connector before you try to put on the silver piece.
    • IV. Reverse procedure to re-install


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