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tC gauge installation instructions.


I. Tools Needed

  • A. Flat screwdriver or fork
  • B. #2 Phillips screwdriver

II. Removing Speedometer Cluster

  • A. Pull on housing to remove, as it is only held in with clips
  • B. Using the Phillips, remove the one screw on the upper part of the speedometer assembly.
  • C. Disconnect the connector on top of the speedometer and gently pull the speedometer housing out of the dash.

III. Changing Speedometer Face

  • A. Remove the black piece and clear plastic.
  • B. Using the flat screwdriver or fork, gently slide under the needles and remove. Then remove the gauge faces.
  • C. insert the new gauge faces and re-install the black plastic piece to hold the gauges in place. Then install the needles.

IV. Reverse procedure to re-install


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