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xA gauge installation instructions.


I. Tools Needed

  • A. Short #1 Phillips screwdriver or bit
  • B. #2 Phillips screwdriver
  • C. Fork or similar device for gently removing needles

II. Removing Speedometer Bezel and Speedometer

  • A. Using the small #1 Phillips, remove the 2 plastic retaining clips on top of the bezel and save in a safe place for re-installation
  • B. Pull the speedometer bezel toward you and place to the side.
  • C. Remove the (3) Phillips screws (usually black) and slowly remove speedometer assembly tilting the top toward you. You do not have to unplug the white plug in the back of the speedometer for this install. You can but you will lose your trip meter mileage and clock settings.

III. Removing Speedometer Plastic clips and needles

  • A. Gently press in the black and clear clips and pull forward on the 2 pieces
  • B. Safely have the car running with the E-brake set and note where the gauges are reading (drawing a small diagram will assist)
  • C. GENTLY slide the fork under each needle and lightly pry on the needle. A slight resistance will be felt. The speedometer needle is the largest and the smallest is the fuel gauge(which has the most resistance).

IV. Removing and installing the faceplate

  • A. There are retainers on each side of the speedometer (both are circles), just slowly pull up on the face and save it somewhere safe in case you want to go back to stock.
  • B. Line up the new face on the two outer marks and on the square on the speedometer hole. Clip on the black outer ring to help hold the new faceplate in alignment.
  • C. With the car running refer to your diagram that you drew for the correct needle placement and GENTLY press each needle onto itís proper location (you donít have to press hard for them to work properly)
  • D. Snap clear bezel on and re-install lining up the (2) outer dowel pins of the speedometer assembly, re-install all (3) black screws and clip on outer bezel and snap back in the push pin and youíre finished.

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